FOL LifeGroup exist to disciple one another, develop relationships,

reach the lost, and give life to your destiny.



There are three types of groups at FOL church that have specific functions to accomplish varying objectives. Each are essential elements in helping you experience a dynamic life in Christ. The three types of LifeGroups are:


StudyGroups                                                                                          DSC_5121 (2) copy

StudyGroups gives the family or individual the opportunity to build lasting relationship with other believers while studying biblical truths in Bible. All StudyGroups will use the same materials for study and open discussion. Each group will openly discuss the materials based upon their personal experiences and needs. This allows for friendships to motivate a closer walk with Christ and for accountability to develop as well.  Click Here for a list of our StudyGroups and register!                                                               DSC_5139 (2) copy



IMG_3634 copy


ConnectGroup is a different approach to discipleship and witnessing. ConnectGroup gives the family or individual the opportunity for discipleship and/or evangelizing those who need to experience Christ in a fellowship environment. These groups are conducted anywhere, with the flexibility of various environments, you can meet with other people who have common interest and develop healthy relationships with a focus on Christ.








JourneyGroups is our Midweek LifeGroups that meet on campus Wednesday nights at 7:00pm. There are groups for the whole family. We even have meals provided at a nominal cost, starting at 5:30pm.  Here is a brief look at our JourneyGroups:

          Mpact -our girls club
          Rangers – our boys club
          Reach Student Ministry – 7th – 12th grade
          Legacy –  College & Career
          Resonate – Young Families
          Intentional Living – 30’s – 55
          Cornerstones – Senior Adults


Do you want to lead a group?

If you are interested in leading a StudyGroup or ConnectGroup, please click here to fill out our LifeGroup Leader’s Application.